Thursday, October 17, 2013

Inserting Non English Characters in the SQL Server table

In order to store non English characters in the SQL serevr tables, you need to declare column/variable with an Unicode supported datatypes which are NCHAR, NVARCHAR or NTEXT. Also, while inserting the data, you need to prefix N in front of the data to make SQL Server aware that, you're following characters are Unicode characters.

Placing an example here for using non English character in SQL server. You can see that statement that has not prefix N has inserted Unicode characters as "????".

create table #temp (body nvarchar(20))

insert into #temp (body) SELECT  '汉字/漢字'
select * from #temp

insert into #temp (body) SELECT  N'汉字/漢字'
select * from #temp

declare @string1 nvarchar(20) = '汉字/漢字'
insert into #temp (body) SELECT  @string1
select * from #temp

declare @string2 nvarchar(20) = N'汉字/漢字'
insert into #temp (body) VALUES (@string2)

select * from #temp


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